Board Care

Caring for your Wooden Boards…

To preserve the brilliance and supple integrity of your wooden cutting boards, we recommend that you oil them every two months, or anytime the wood looks dry, using a dab of mineral oil.  Rubbing with very fine sandpaper (600 grit), and then re-applying oil or bees wax will keep your boards satiny smooth and gleaming for years to come.

Never run your board under a faucet, place in the dishwasher or immerse it in water; a quick wipe with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to clean it. Be sure to pat dry immediately to minimize saturation into the wood.

Wood is a natural product and is susceptible to extreme heat, dampness and dry environments.  With proper care your cutting board will last a lifetime and grow more beautiful with age.

All Village Endgrains boards come to you already oiled.

Why Wood?

A study conducted by the Food Research department at the University of Wisconsin-Madison proved wooden cutting boards naturally kill 99.9% of bacteria within three minutes of contact. Compared to plastic at 0%, it only makes sense to use wood for all your cutting needs.

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